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Using a company Intranet to enable communication between multiple work teams and inside a single work team. It helps companies have a complete insight in its running projects. The program is based on organizations (clients), projects and tree-structured tasks.

Possible benefits include:

• Improve productivity, communication and teamwork.

• Eliminating redundancy and improving communications. In many corporations communications are always an issue.

• For corporation’s with multiple offices, an intranet can provide a means of direct connection for the purpose of:

- manufacturing (ex:tracking inventory)

- Sales (tracking accounts and status)

- Customer Service (enquiries and feedback follow-ups)

- Audit/Project Management (checking completion status)

- Engineering (communications between R&D, Q&A etc)

Intranet is also used for workgroup and resource scheduling, maintenance of dynamic documents like internal and external phone lists, fax lists, research information, discussion forums etc...

Some possible Uses are:

User/Employee Management

- password lookup

- personalization (user inbox)

- Windows authentication/login scripts

- multiple user levels (member, editor, admin)

- who’s online

- user messaging

- contact list

- chat/conference feature

Link/Resource Management

- approve, edit, administer links

- rate/rank links

- user link submission

Project and Task Management

- project teams

- attach related files/collateral

- define status, skills, and phases

- define user roles

- supports multiple organizations

Downloads/File Library

- file uploading

- file management

- keyword search

Email Notification

- user registration

- link administration

- keyword search

Event Calendar/Scheduling

Image/Photo Gallery

Discussion Forums

Browser-Based Uploads/File Manager

Newsletter Management

Surveys/Poll Management


Email Confirmation

Secure Browser-Based Admin

If you would like to know more, or would like to discuss any aspect of the above services, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may want to ask us for a free quote.


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